Through the Power Huddle, YES Indy helps you reach your goals with our FREE tools and barrier support.

Power Huddle FAQs

What is the Power Huddle?

The Power Huddle is a 2 week job readiness experience for young people not enrolled in school, between the ages of 16-24. There is a team of people that will help you get Ready, Set and Go to achieve goals, land a desired job and gain skills through training opportunities. This experience will consist of: group discussions, youth employment system connections (YES Indy), job preparedness tools and activities that will help you not only map out your life’s goals, but reach them as well.

Why should I sign up?

There are many perks to joining the Power Huddle. Upon successful completion, one is celebrated and will receive certificates of completion, Job Ready Indy badges, social media recognition and mentor connections. One is also enrolled into the YES Indy program where access to career coaching, supportive services, high school equivalency or other training options are paid for. Additional features include job shadowing opportunities, interview prep and guaranteed interviews with preferred employers.

Where does the Power Huddle take place?

The Power Huddle takes place both online and face to face at a locations determined by the Power Huddle team. Currently due to COVID-19, these workshops will be delivered 100% online until otherwise determined.

How do I get started?

All you have to do is click the “Register Now” button below to get enrolled.